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The Bank provides systematic solutions to enhance the skills of traders/investors from novice to elite standard. This is delivered through premium education and passive income opportunities.

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Education, Opportunities & Mindset

At The Bank we provide groundbreaking education in technical analysis, specializing in high risk to reward trading. We are passionate about helping people reach new levels in their craft and character. We understand there is more to trading than simply method and strategy.

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We provide advanced education alongside an interactive and studious community

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Derived from years of market experience and methodical back testing, we have compiled a series of theory and application lectures equipping new students with the resources to overcome the challenges posed by the financial markets.

Automated Trading

Clients with no experience of trading can copy our automated trading system to generate a passive income.

This allows our community to work towards their trading goals while compounding their capital.


We aim to maintain sincere interaction within the community providing unseen content and ideas through weekly webinars and 1-1 mentorship.

The purpose of the community is to share vision and allow traders to share their journey with like minded individuals.

Certified Team

Education led by a team of traders who have consistently shown the ability to catch exceptional trades as well as experience in educating and impacting the community.


What Some Of Our Students Are Saying

David Henderson

The Bank is an amazing community, everyone is always active and willing to share their thoughts, help out and put themselves out there. It feels like another family.

Lewis Hayward

If you’re looking into starting trading and taking it seriously, mark my words The Bank is the best decision you’re ever going to make.

Matthew South

Super quality content and such in depth quality work by The Bank team. Glad to be with them in the discord and be part of the team. Really helpful from a new trader perspective.

Esha Mahli

The Bank has improved my trading massively. The simple concepts and their support has allowed me to achieve trades with risk to reward of 1:50s and 1:100s in just a few months. Honestly, a blessing.

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What makes The Bank Different ?

At The Bank we understand the challenges a trader can face even after learning a solid method, therefore we like to promote a professional and spiritually sound mindset throughout our education and community.


Additional contents taught in weekly webinars as well as market outlook calls



Multiplying your money through automated trading

Diversify portfolio structure from FX to Crypto markets



Building your belief system

Constant access to educators and community

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